50th Anniversary – Ecumenical Service of Thanksgiving

For many Bahamians, [the] Lyford Cay Foundations has been and continues to be the place they can turn to “knock and have the door of opportunity opened” to them. As the Foundations came together to celebrate its 50th anniversary with a service of thanksgiving, Catholic Archbishop Patrick Pinder said the Bahamian public was grateful to those people that had the vision to initiate the Foundations and the people whose energy, commitment and sacrifice perpetuate the Foundations and the work they continue to do in and for Bahamians.

“The work of organizations such as [the] Lyford Cay Foundations can and does lead to that admirable aspect of any community – namely, the flourishing of the human spirit,” said Pinder during their recent service at St. Francis Xavier Cathedral. “Fifty years of philanthropy in a culture not famous for its philanthropic spirit is a remarkable achievement and an excellent example and a much-needed example. Your example of private commitment to the public good is a standard of leadership and it is pacesetting. Fifty years in a nation not yet itself 50 is a cause for celebration and for giving thanks. Fifty years of philanthropic activity in a culture not particularly known for its philanthropy is simply remarkable.”

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