Laurel Rolle

Scholar Journeys “If someone doesn’t get the drill the first time, you pat them on the back and say, Good try! You’ll get it next time.” COMMUNITY GRANTS Laurel Rolle Basketball Smiles Participant I’ve come to this camp every summer for 5 years. Our coaches taught us to encourage each other. Read full story Laurel Rolle

Blaire Thompson

Scholar Journeys “I really wanted a better life for my daughter, who now has both an Associate’s and a Bachelor’s, graduating Summa Cum Laude. This definitely would not have been possible without Lyford Cay Foundations.” – Charlotte Knowles-Thompson LYFORD CAY FOUNDATIONS SCHOLAR ’15 Blair Thompson TK Foundation Technical ScholarshipFood Service Management Johnson & Wales University … Read full story Blaire Thompson

Joshua Ritchie

Scholar Journeys “Without Lyford Cay Foundations, I would not have been able to attend the University of Arkansas. After the initial application process, I felt a sense of belonging.” LYFORD CAY FOUNDATIONS SCHOLAR ’15 Joshua Ritchie Mechanical Engineering – University of Arkansas At 19, I enrolled at The College of The Bahamas. Although mechanical engineering … Read full story Joshua Ritchie

Rayon Brown

Scholar Journeys “I needed help to pursue a Master of Science from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland.  I feel thankful to have received help from Lyford Cay Foundations.” LYFORD CAY FOUNDATIONS SCHOLAR ’97 Rayon Brown Actuarial Consultant, Nichols & Co. I have gained specialized training and experience in the international insurance business, becoming a fully qualified … Read full story Rayon Brown

Krystal Armbrose

Scholar Journeys “With Lyford Cay Foundations’ support both professionally and personally, I am constantly growing in my field ” COMMUNITY GRANTS Krystal Armbrose LCF Scholar ‘14 / Founder, Bahamas Plastic Movement Lyford Cay Foundations has provided the tools necessary for building a conscious community around plastic pollution.  Through its support, we have been able to … Read full story Krystal Armbrose

Jaheim Wallace

Scholar Journeys “ In the next two years, I should be attending college. I know this process is a long one but it’s one I’m willing to take because it’s worth it.” FOCUS CLASS of 2020 Jaheim Wallace FOCUS is helping me make my vision a reality by getting me ready for the real world … Read full story Jaheim Wallace