Kristin Eldon Whylly

Senior Grants Manager & Change Management Lead, Templeton World Charity Foundation Canadian Lyford Cay Foundations Undergraduate Scholarship (2003)Canadian Lyford Cay Foundations Graduate Scholarship (2008) “Perseverance, flexibility, knowing your value and applying it in any role is key. . .Staying adaptable and determined can lead to unexpected and rewarding career paths.” Kristin Eldon Whylly did not … Read full story Kristin Eldon Whylly

Najee Stubbs

Lyford Cay Foundations Undergraduate Award (2019) “Receiving the Lyford Cay Foundations scholarship was a transformative moment in my life, opening doors to opportunities that seemed beyond reach.” These are the words of Najee Stubbs, a first-generation college graduate of the University of Arkansas. Najee’s journey has taken him from the University of The Bahamas, where … Read full story Najee Stubbs

Ancella Evans

Lyford Cay Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship (1994) While attending College of The Bahamas, now University of The Bahamas, Ancella Evans was encouraged to apply for a Lyford Cay Foundations scholarship. With her award, Ancella was able to attend Union College in New York and graduate cum laude with a BSc in International Studies. During her time … Read full story Ancella Evans

Kyle Chea

Kyle Chea’s collegiate studies began in 2006 at Vassar College.  While earning his undergraduate degree in History and Chinese, he took advantage of new opportunities and began to row. After completing his undergraduate studies, Kyle returned home to The Bahamas to work at The Bahamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he was the only Chinese-speaking … Read full story Kyle Chea